pasture raised heritage meishan pigs

and grass fed beef

   our farm is a "farrow to finish farm" - all our livestock is born and lives out life here. we raise purebred registered american meishan pigs and are the first and currently only farm in Maine to be breeding them. this breed is nearly 5000 years old and one of the rarest pigs in the united states. they are renowned for their marbled, red meat and exquisite lard and fat quality. 
   we have chosen to raise meishans in an attempt to help bring the breed back. the best way to create a demand for them is to get them into the food chain. maine has an impressive culinary scene and we love working with restaurants and chefs to incorporate meishan pork into their menus and specials.  we also work with the livestock conservancy to help promote meishans nationally.
   our beef cattle are a cross of hereford/ angus and this year were bred to our murray gray bull, producing 4 calves this spring 2019. our herd is outside year round, roaming extensive acreage of fields and woods.
   you can find our meishan pork and grass fed beef at our market, in our farm shares and through select restaurants in maine.
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